Breast Surgery: Enhancement, Lift, Implant Revision

Breast Augmentation
Dr. Edwards can create fuller, firmer breasts to complement your natural body curvature through breast augmentation. A plan will be designed specific to your body by placing the implants above or below the muscle. Dr. Edwards has used silicone gel implants for over two decades and can discuss with you which implant will suite you best. Which implant size that will work best for you must be individually determined with your input. The shape, style, volume, and type of implant will be decided after a comprehensive examination. You will be allowed to place the implants that suit you into a sizing bra to be better able to get an idea of what your enhancement results will be in addition to using the Vectra 3D Simulator described below.
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Instructions for Smooth Breast Implant Massage

Information on Breast Exams with Implants

Allergan "Gummy Bear" Implant now available

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Breast Lift
Breast Lift with Augmentation - If you have lost breast volume or have loose skin, a breast lift combined with breast augmentation can yield a firmer, more youthful-appearing breast. Dr. Edwards strives to minimize scars as much as is possible however he will be honest with you in providing you with the rationale for his suggested surgical procedure.
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Breast Implant Revision
Breast Implant revision - If you have had breast implant surgery already and would like to explore a change or improvement, Dr. Edwards can review with you the possibility of implant exchange, site change to above or below the muscle or repositioning your breasts to a higher position on your chest. View Breast Implant Revision Before & After Photos. Continue reading about breast implant revision surgery.

Do I Need Breast Lift With My Augmentation?
There are varying degrees of breast ptosis, or sagginess. As your breasts develop as a young woman they are typically perkier because the overlying skin has not been stretched from weight gain or pregnancy and the underlying supportive tissue has not been stretched. If you lose weight or stop breast feeding, many times the skin does not shrink back to its original shape leading to breast sagginess. This stretching or sagginess will determine if you need a lift or not. Some women need smaller lifts for correction, while other cases require a full lift or mastopexy. This description will cover the commonly described ptosis grades to help you better understand what you may need in terms of a breast lift. The best way to know is to meet with Dr. Edwards where you can verbalize your goals and then an examination will be performed to see just what your grade of ptosis is. Continue reading about Do I Need Breast Lift With My Augmentation?

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